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Nut-Free Zone Policy

In an effort to increase the safety and well-being of all students, Staten Island Technical High School will be implementing a “Nut-Free Zone” in all classrooms, offices and the school’s library. This “Nut-Free Zone” should be adhered to by all members of our school community.
A “Nut-Free Zone” prohibits any person from eating and/or taking out products that contain tree nuts or nuts. Examples of tree nuts include, but are not limited to, walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, and Brazil nuts. These are not to be confused or grouped together with the peanut, which is a legume, or seeds, such as sunflower or sesame, these items are also prohibited to be eaten or taken out in the “Nut-Free Zones” throughout the building.
Signs indicating “Nut-Free Zones” will be posted throughout the building. We thank you in advance for adhering to these guidelines in order to ensure the safety and all students and staff members.
Please also be advised the cafeteria is currently not a “Nut-Free Zone”. Students with certain allergies should be cautious, as they have been. In addition, “Teachers Only Offices” will not be “Nut-Free Zones” and signage will be posted on the doors of each of these offices, prohibiting students from entering. Below I have provided a more comprehensive list, which include but are not limited to, items that are not to be eaten or taken out in all “Nut-Free Zones:
  1. Almond
  2. Artificial Nuts
  3. Brazil Nut
  4. Beechnut
  5. Butternut
  6. Cashew
  7. Filbert/hazelnut
  8. Glanduja (a chocolate-nut mixture)
  9. Ginkgo nut
  10. Hickory nut
  11. Litchi / lichee / lychee nut
  12. Macadamia nut
  13. Marzipan / almond paste
  14. Nangai nut
  15. Natural nut extract (e. g., almond, walnut)
  16. Nut Butters (e. g., cashew butter)
  17. Nut meal
  18. Nut meat