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Students who are interested in engaging in Staten Island Tech’s: 


  • rigorous and innovative academic programs 
    • Advanced Placement, Dual-Enrollment College Courses, Career & Technical Education, Future Ready Pathways, Work-Based Learning Paid-Unpaid Internships
  • student activities, athletics, social-emotional and work-based / service learning, cultural responsiveness, and community service opportunities,

and require access to Instructional Support Services (ISS), will find that the Staten Island Tech ISS team works closely with students and parents throughout the child’s time at Staten Island Tech to ensure student needs are met and that they are on track to successfully graduate high school and attend competitive colleges.


Through services such as Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT), Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) and related services, we embed specially designed instruction and individualized support into our curriculum and extra curricular activities to meet the needs of diverse learners and ensure access for all with no barries. 

Students who are looking for a highly-engaging and cutting-edge 21st Century Career Connected Learning curriculum and require accommodations, related services, special classroom support(s) or assistive technology, and have unique management needs as outlined in their IEP, can apply to our school through taking the Specialized High School Admissions Test, and if accepted receive individualized care from our team of Instructional Support Specialists. These supports are provided in our rigorous general education classes, all of which are Honors or AP level, where all students are included. All students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our rich extracurricular community. 


Staten Island Technical High School also offers a 1-week summer bridge program ( for incoming freshmen and sophomores (with or without IEPs) in order to support students in:

  • Getting a head-start on the school year by becoming familiar with staff, peers, the building and services.
  • Making friends by meeting other Techies in a social and academic environment.
  • Beginning to learn some of the subjects taught at Tech, like Russian while further developing their writing, note taking and study skills.

Throughout the entire 9th grade we continue to support the High School transition with a weekly Advisory “Talknology and Career Development” ( course to support the transition to high school through a unique Social Skills and Oracy curriculum that cultivates communication, soft skills, social awareness, and student agency, leading to transformative changes in students’ academic, social, home and work lives. It’s our belief that every student can learn these skills, regardless of their grades, test scores, social, cultural and economic background, fostering self-confidence, self-advocacy and self-esteem


Our collective approach towards student growth and success aims to cultivate curiosity, capacity, the courage to try and the validation of failure. We collectively have championed a reimagination of student achievement by applauding student efforts as they FAIL (First-Attempt-In-Learning), SAIL (Second-Attempt-In-Learning) and TAIL (Third-Attempt-In-Learning) success.  Students are nurtured towards a gracious knowledge that learning and true development comes from the journey, which was, in fact, always the goal. This is not only a testament of true, authentic learning, but also critical to prepare students for the challenges of the real world.


Teacher’s have developed exceptional practices around delivering frequent feedback and eliminating unit assessments in place of more frequent-formative micro-assessments, and most notably, employing thoughtful mastery-based assessments re-designed around providing students with multiple-opportunities. In essence, students are now able to exercise their voice and choice to backtrack and re-assess if they haven’t achieved a benchmark or grade that the student (or teacher) identifies as not meeting or exceeding competency in a skill or topic. We like to refer to this practice as “Restorative Assessment,” building intentional “U-Turns” in the learning and assessment pathway.  (

Our students continue to flourish and develop their communication and advocacy skills through continued support after the 9th grade through their participation in our Career Development Center’s (CDC) Work-Based / Career-Connected Learning  programs. Students have access to the CDC starting at the conclusion of the 9th grade and throughout their senior year via paid and unpaid internships, and service learning opportunities where our team is trained in providing IEP-related support for postsecondary goals including career and college preparation. Staten Island Tech works closely with the NYC Public Schools Transition and College Access Service Center (TCAC) which offers TOP (Training Opportunities Program), SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program), Work Learn Grow, Ladders for Leaders and many of the ever expanding programs that the NYCPS Pathways division is affording schools.Through these programs and services we ensure that students with and without disabilities are prepared for postsecondary life experiences. In addition to college readiness resources and supports, our programs will also facilitate diverse work-based learning opportunities for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).


Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition into and through high school, as we blur the lines between high school, college and career. Through the Staten Island Technical High School curriculum and experience we’re confident that we employ our students with the “Future Ready” skills needed to meet and exceed the demands of post-secondary readiness. We program students purposefully and pride on our practice of maintaining consistent communication with our families. Our teachers continually engage in inquiry work and professional development and are knowledgeable and equipped to meet the needs of a variety of learners.


Staten Island Technical High School is a fully accessible building.


ISS Staff and Contact Information


For questions about Staten Island Technical High School’s Instructional Support Services, please contact Assistant Principal, Alexis Kirschbaum via email at [email protected] or via phone at 718-667-3222 ext 1221


If you have any high school admissions questions, please contact Assistant Principal, Peter Dellegrazie, via email at [email protected] or via phone at 718-667-3222 ext 2191.

Guidance Department:

Ellen Devine (Ext 1391) - [email protected]

Cathy Ecker (Ext 1371) - [email protected]

Margaret Ferrigno (Ext 1341) - [email protected]

Lisa Gervais-Barnett (Ext 1271) - [email protected]

Christopher Maddaluno (Ext 1373) - [email protected]

Amanda Nichols (Ext 2141) - [email protected] 

Valentina Vinci (Ext 1372) - [email protected]

Jessica Pisano (Ext 2521) - Social Worker - [email protected]




史坦顿岛技术高中 为符合资格的残疾学生提供包容性教育计划而感到自豪



  • 严谨而创新的学术课程
    • 大学先修课程、双录取大学课程、职业与技术教育、未来准备途径、基于工作的学习带薪/不带薪实习
  • 学生活动、体育、社交情感和基于工作/服务的学习、文化响应和社区服务机会,

并需要获得教学支持服务 (ISS),会发现史坦顿岛理工学院 ISS 团队在孩子在史坦顿岛理工学院学习期间与学生和家长密切合作,以确保学生的需求得到满足,并确保他们有望成功高中毕业学校并进入有竞争力的大学。


通过综合合作教学(ICT)等服务,特殊教育教师支持服务 (SETSS)和相关服务,我们将专门设计的指导和个性化支持嵌入到我们的服务中课程课外活动 满足不同学习者的需求并确保所有人无障碍地学习。

正在寻找高度参与和前沿的 21 世纪职业互联学习课程并需要住宿、相关服务、特殊课堂支持或辅助技术,并且具有 IEP 中概述的独特管理需求的学生,可以申请我们学校通过采取特殊高中入学考试,如果被接受,我们的教学支持专家团队将提供个性化护理。这些支持是在我们严格的通识教育课程中提供的,所有课程都是荣誉或 AP 级别,其中包括所有学生。我们欢迎并鼓励所有学生参与我们丰富的课外社区。


史泰登岛技术高中还提供为期 1 周的夏季桥梁课程(针对新生和二年级新生(有或没有 IEP),以支持学生:

  • 通过熟悉员工、同学、建筑和服务,在学年中取得领先地位。
  • 通过在社交和学术环境中结识其他技术人员来结交朋友。
  • 开始学习 Tech 教授的一些科目,例如俄语,同时进一步发展他们的写作、笔记和学习技能。



这acher’s 开发了一些特殊的实践,围绕提供频繁的反馈和消除单元评估来代替更频繁的形成性微观评估,最值得注意的是,采用围绕为学生提供多种机会而重新设计的深思熟虑的基于掌握的评估。从本质上讲,如果学生(或老师)没有达到学生(或老师)认为未达到或超过某项技能或主题的能力的基准或成绩,学生现在可以行使自己的声音和选择来回溯和重新评估。我们喜欢将这种做法称为“恢复性评估”,在学习和评估路径中建立有意识的“180度大转弯”。 (恢复性评估

九年级后,通过参与我们的活动,我们的学生得到持续的支持,继续蓬勃发展并发展他们的沟通和宣传技能职业发展中心的 (CDC) 基于工作/职业相关的学习计划。学生从九年级结束到整个高年级,都可以通过带薪和无薪实习以及服务学习机会进入 CDC,我们的团队接受过培训,为高等教育目标(包括职业和大学准备)提供 IEP 相关支持。史泰登岛科技公司与纽约市公立学校过渡和大学入学服务中心 (TCAC) 我们提供 TOP (培训机会计划) 和 SYEP(夏季青年就业。






有关史坦顿岛技术高中的问题教学支持服务,请通过电子邮件联系助理校长 Alexis Kirschbaum [email protected] 或通过电话718-667-3222 分机 1221。 


如果您有任何高中招生问题,请联系副校长 Peter Dellegrazie,电子邮件地址为 [email protected] 或通过电话718-667-3222 分机 2191


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