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Vision & Mission Statement

VISION: SITHS prioritizes rigorous academics balanced with physical and mental wellness. Our goal is to develop strong social skills, exemplary character, scholarship, service, leadership, and citizenship for all members of the school community. We cultivate innovation through the development of 21st Century Learning Skills (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking). Our school community is committed to equity and excellence by ensuring that every student understands how to use the curriculum to create meaningful impact on the world around them. Each individual in our school environment will feel valued and have access to opportunities and support to achieve their greatest potential and succeed in a multicultural society.


MISSION: The SITHS community fosters the development of well-rounded, passionate life-long learners through rigorous, engaging academics and participation in student activities, athletics, social-emotional and work-based learning, cultural responsiveness, and community service. SITHS cultivates strong collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills. We strive to instill in our students a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a growth mindset to meaningfully contribute to and shape a society that values equity, excellence, and empathy. (D31 Mission/Vision)

In support of our school vision and mission, it is our pledge to:

  • Support close communication between home and school that welcomes greater family involvement, accomplished through students and families sharing an active role as a team member within the school community.
  • Enable students to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum and growth in Habits of Success through engaging in project-based learning and the use of modern technologies that support literacy and communication skills required in the real world.
  • Engage students in College & Career readiness activities starting in the 9th grade, throughout their senior year. 
  • Encourage and promote student involvement in local, national and global issues through rigorous and relevant classroom instruction, literature, activities, clubs and experiential learning opportunities that are culturally and historically relevant.
  • Encourage lifelong physical and mental health through fitness, social emotional support systems, mindfulness, meditation and peer-mentorships.
  • Provide and encourage ongoing individual professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff, with continued emphasis on self care, physical fitness & mental health.