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2023-2024 SITHS School Year Info

Welcome to the Staten Island Technical High School Landing Page for students, parents and guardians. Here, Mr. Erlenwein will post all the latest and most up to date information about the 2023-24 School Year. Check back frequently for updates. Mr. Erlenwein will post the most recent UPDATE DATE in each section. Thank you!



(Entire) SITHS 2023-24 School Year & Events Calendar (English, 中国人/Chinese)


(NEW) 2023-24 NYC DOE School Year Calendar

(NEW) 2024-25, 2025-26 NYC Public School Year Calendars



Staten Island Tech Website Calendar


JUNE CALENDAR (English, 中国人/Chinese):


6/2, Sun- Band Returns from Hershey

6/4, Tues- Algebra 1 Regents (No Students In Attend), Hungerford Day(Ocean Breeze), Senior Info Mtg (Virt)

6/5, Wed- 12th Graders - Spring MP 2 Ends, Senior Awards, Russian Essay Awards 

6/6, Thu - Chancellor's Conf Day / Incoming Fresh DayNo Students Report

6/7, Fri - Senior Day

6/10, Mon -    Senior Rising (11th) Grade College Meeting 1 of 2 - Students only, Mandated

6/11, Tue - ART & PBL Showcase, School Safety Meeting , Consultative Council Meeting, 

6/13, Thu - 9,10 & 11th Graders - Spring MP2 Ends, Last Day of Classes

6/14-25 Regents Exams (See below)

6/17, Mon - Eid al-Adha, Schools Closed

6/18, Tues - Senior Prom

6/19, Wed - Juneteenth, Schools Closed

6/24, Mon - Graduation Rehearsal

6/26, Wed - Graduation

How do I stay in touch with the SITHS Faculty, Staff and Administration? 


Below are the email addresses and telephone extensions (Main Line: 718-667-3222) of School Administration, Guidance Counselors, Deans, COSA and Parent Coordinator. Please also use the www.siths.org faculty & staff email directory to contact teachers directly.


School Administration:


Mark D. Erlenwein - [email protected] 


Ext. 1191

Dr. John Davis - [email protected]

Assistant Principal of Organization & Programming

Ext. 1211
Peter Dellegrazie - [email protected]

Assistant Principal of Mathematics, Foreign Language and High School Admissions

Ext. 2191

Felicia Giunta - [email protected]

Assistant Principal of Science & Testing

Ext. 3191

Alexis Kirschbaum - [email protected]

Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel 

Services, Security and College Admissions

Ext. 1221

Joseph Manzo - [email protected]

Assistant Principal of Social Studies 

and Career and Technology Education

Ext. 2311

Noelle Sanguinedo - [email protected]

Assistant Principal of English, Health and Physical Education,

Performing Arts, Music and Student Activities

Ext. 3311
Guidance Department:

Ellen Devine (Ext 1391) - [email protected]

Cathy Ecker (Ext 1371) - [email protected]

Margaret Ferrigno (Ext 1341) - [email protected]

Lisa Gervais-Barnett (Ext 1271) - [email protected]

Christopher Maddaluno (Ext 1373) - [email protected]

Valentina Vinci (Ext 1372) - VVinci@schools.nyc.gov

Jessica Pisano (Ext 2521) - Social Worker - [email protected]

Coordinator of Student Activities: Thomas Terrusa - [email protected]

Deans: Diane Federico - [email protected] Dorothy Mannino - [email protected]

Parent Coordinator: Barbara Malenfant - [email protected]

    • School: 718-667-3222 Ext 1171


New Location for Mr. Erlenwein's Messages (Updated Monthly on the 1st of the new month!)


To read Mr. Erlenwein’s monthly messages and updates, please use this link below:


Link to Page: bit.ly/MrErlenweinMessages


Activities Update from COSA, Mr. Terrusa (Updated 3/5/24) - (Click to Expand / Close)



Hope you are all doing well! As always, students worked hard to put together our March Events & Reminders Schedule. March already started off by the Student Organization hosting their S.O. Officer Interest meeting and the first March PTA Bake Sale on Friday, March 1st.

Monday, March 11th: Learning Environment Survey Training Meeting- This is for students that were selected by their 3rd period teachers that are volunteering on March 12th & 13th to administer the Learning Environment Survey in class. The meeting is after 9th period in the library. Please check your email for more information that was sent out regarding the Learning Environment Survey. Please note that the 12th and 13th are different bell schedules.

Monday, March 11th thru Thursday, March 21st: Bread of Life Food Drive- I will send out more specific information about items and donation procedures closer to the begining of the drive. We cannot accept any donations after 3/21/24.

Wednesday, March 13th: PTA Bake Sale- Come one, come all! Come prepared for one of our legendary PTA Bake Sales!

Tuesday, March 19th: Accepted Students Night Open House- Selected volunteers will receive more information regarding the nights event. At Accepted Students Night, we welcome the next group of incoming freshmen into the Tech family. Again, only selected volunteers will receive more information regarding the event. There will also be an Open House Town Hall meeting before the event to go over all assignments and expectations (date TBD).

As always, please continue to pay attention to your emails to stay on top of all things going on at Tech. 


Mr. Terrusa

Rollout of the (FREE) PrepScholar (https://www.prepscholar.com/) PSAT / SAT / ACT Preparation Tool to replace the MAP Growth Math & ELA Screener Assessments


Dear SITHS Students, Parents & Caregivers,


I’m thrilled to be sharing with you today an exciting pivot we are making as a school community. Thanks to the SITHS PTA, we will be able to provide ALL STUDENTS and FAMILIES with one of the most innovative ways to prepare for the PSAT, SAT and ACT. In addition, our pivot will enable us to also to provide Math, ELA and Writing diagnostics data to teachers, administration and guidance counselors to ensure that your child remains on track academically and ahead of the curve in being College and Career ready.


In preparation for the March 1st SAT (11th Graders) and PSAT (10th Graders) day at SI Tech, starting, Thursday, February 2nd, SITHS 10th and 11th graders will have access to Prepscholar's complete automated online program that builds a unique PSAT / SAT study plan for every student.


All 10th and 11th grade students will receive a PrepScholar “Enrollment / Passphrase Creation” email on Thursday, February 2nd, sent to your @nycstudents.net email account to start the enrollment process.


Parents, please be sure that your child enters the PARENT EMAIL address that you regularly check, so you can receive the weekly emails to keep you informed of your child’s progress and growth. See sample email here.


All 10th and 11th grade students, MUST ENROLL WITH PREPSCHOLAR, being we will be using this platform to REPLACE the Map Growth Math and ELA assessments you have been taking each October, January and May the past two years.


To support out current 10th and 11th grade students, you can start using (at your own discretion, pace and time) the PrepScholar platform immediately (starting 2/2/2023) to prepare for the PSAT and SAT, on March 1st, and/or any other time you will be taking each exam, including the ACT. 


Here are the next steps: 

After a student registers and enters their preliminary contact information, they will complete a 60-minute diagnostic test, in which the PrepScholar program analyzes each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and creates a custom study plan of lessons and quizzes. SMS study reminders and weekly progress report emails keep students on track.


Features of the Program Include:

  • 49 fine-grained skills to master that cover everything on the SAT. 
  • 10 full-length official SAT practice tests. 
  • Detailed answer explanations for every question, including custom explanations for wrong answer choices. 
  • Motivational features proven to increase study time: weekly progress reports, study session scheduling, study session reminders, progress tracking, and more.


Every week, students learn and practice with Interactive Modules assigned by the program. To maximize learning, modules are broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Learn: Review the topic and strategies with a mix of videos, diagrams, and interactive examples
  2. Targeted Practice Quiz: Test your skill and knowledge with 10 to 20 targeted practice questions
  3. Review your Mistakes: Learn from your mistakes with thorough, step-by-step explanations


While at least 1,835 four-year colleges across the U.S. aren’t requiring first-year applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores for admissions for fall 2023, a signal of the staying power of test-optional policies, many of the competitive schools, programs and scholarships you will apply and compete for continue to utilize the PSAT, SAT and ACT for admissions and calculating financial aid / scholarship packages.


In addition, starting in the 11th grade only:


11th grade families will have access starting in March 2023, to the PrepScholar College Admissions Boot Camp

  • Here is the sample outline for the March 15 - June 15 Boot Camp for the College Admissions process. PrepScholar will be making the Online College Admissions Boot Camp platform ready and accessible for March, which will include live sessions for Q&A with the PrepScholar admission counselor. This will supplement (not replace) the support you will also receive from SITHS, via Ms. Ellen Devine and the SITHS College Admissions office.

Here is a sample webinar with the PrepScholar Head of Admissions who will be spearheading all the work with our school.


Please use this link to review more information about the Prep Scholar platform. 

Questions can be directed to Parent Coordinator, Barbara Malenfant, at [email protected].


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


As a Next-Gen 21st Century leader, communicator, and our school's "Storyteller-In-Chief," I invite you to join us live and "in the moment" as we celebrate and share our progress and accomplishments within and among the Staten Island Technical High School community. So much exciting and fun things are happening in our school each and every day.


I urge you to follow "our" story together via our social media channels and invite you to contribute any of your personal (student or parent/guardian) accomplishments or newsworthy items by sending me your pics, videos and a blurb to my email at: [email protected]


Facebook: @SITechHS   Twitter: @SITech_HS    Instagram: _SammyTheSeagull

Student Organization Instagram: Official S.O. Instagram



Mark Erlenwein




The Schedule for Thursday, September 7th and Friday, September 8th is as follows:


Thurs, 9/7: 8:00 AM - 2:02 PM (9/7/2023 Bell Schedule)

Fri, 9/8 - Fri, 9/15: 8:00 AM - 2:47 PM (11-Minute HR Bell Schedule)



Thurs, 9/7: 8:00 AM - 2:02 PM (9/7/2023 Bell Schedule)

Fri, 9/8: 8:00 AM - 2:47 PM (11-Minute HR Bell Schedule)



  • 9TH & NEWLY ADMITTED 10TH GRADERS: All 9th-grade students will report to the 1st Floor Gymnasium, by entering through the 1st Floor Gym Entrance Stairwell near the Cafeteria located by the Softball Field. Doors will open starting at 7:15 Am. The 1st Floor Gym Entrance Stairwell is accessible from both Colgate Place and Lindberg Avenue. After the first day of school, 9th graders will enter via the Cafeteria.
  • 10th-12th GRADE: Enter via the Cafeteria.



  • 8:00 AM - 2:02 PM (9/7/2023 Bell Schedule)
  • 60-min Homeroom before Period 1 from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM to distribute programs, metro and ID cards.
  • After Homeroom, the Period 1-9, schedule will begin.
  • If you don’t have a Period 1 class, you will report to the Cafeteria.
  • Breakfast / Lunch will be available in the cafeteria.




  • 9th graders will be able to look up their homeroom (location) in the 1st Floor Gymnasium upon arrival.
  • 10-12th graders will be able to look up their homeroom (location) in the Cafeteria upon arrival.
  • Use the Home Room to Look Up your HR by last name / year:




You will receive a paper program during homeroom on Thursday, September 7th. On or about September 6th, you can look up your program by having your parent access your NYCSA (NYC Schools Account) - see instructions at the top of this page, and click on schedule; or by logging into your Google Classroom using your @nycstudents.net student email address / account, or by accessing your NYCSA (NYC Schools Account) - see instructions at the top of this page, and click on schedule. If you DO NOT know your @nycstudents.net email account username, please email Parent Coordinator, Barbara Malenfant at [email protected]. For more information on your @nycstudent.net account, visit this link.





Programs should be visible tomorrow in your NYC account.  The previous program that was posted was not finalized and is obsolete.  After viewing your program, please double check it and then read the important instructions below before requesting a program change.  ALL program changes need to be requested through the google form. Do not email individual staff members regarding your program.  All requests must be submitted by Thursday, September 7th.


Due to the complex nature of programming, most program changes will not be possible EXCEPT in instances where students are mistakenly programmed into the incorrect class.  

  • All students are required to have 7 periods of instruction. 
  • The following classes count as 2 periods of instruction: AP Calculus (AB & BC), AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1D & 2 and AP Environmental Science. 
  • ONLY seniors are permitted to drop lunch.

Please do not request start or end times, specific teachers, specific lunch or period changes or to go back to your previously posted program. They will not be considered, and you will not receive a reply for these requests.

Here is the link to request a change.  Requests made before the programs are released will not be considered and you will not receive a reply.  Thank you.




  • Click Home Room to look up your guidance counselor by your last name.



Science Lab, Introduction to Technology & Career Development and the WBL: Work Based Learning class WILL NOT begin until Monday, September 11, 2023. Prior to this date …

If you are:

  • scheduled for a Period 1 course, your school day will begin period 2.
  • scheduled for a Period 9 course, your school day will end after period 8.
  • scheduled for a Lunch Period course, attend lunch in the cafeteria.




All 9th grade students scheduled for Physical Education (Not scheduled for Health) will need to purchase a school issued lock for their Phys Ed locker, which they will use during Phys Ed class only. Locks must be purchased via the School SO Store (C-51, near the cafeteria) during the first week of school. (Price = $7.00 for NEW and $5.00 for a USED lock).

Students scheduled for Health in the Fall Term, will buy their lock in the Spring.

Grade 10-12 students who already have their school lock from last year can use that same lock, otherwise, purchase one in the SO Store.

Students will not need to access their locker for Phys Ed until the second week of school where students will begin to change into their Phys Ed uniform for class. If you haven't ordered a Phys Ed Uniform as of yet, the "initial" window to order closes on September 12th. Phys Ed teachers will instruct you as to what you should wear until you receive your order. 



  • Individual teachers will share specific classroom supply needs for the school year during the first day of school.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): SITHS is a BYOD - Bring Your Own Device school, where students can use their own personal computer device for use in the classroom (when physically in school) and at home for academic use. Please review our BYOD document for further information. If you need to be provided with a device, we can provide you with one by completing the form. If you requested a device, please stop by Room 108 to pick up your device on Thursday or Friday at 2:30 PM. YOU MUST complete the form within 24 hours of showing up to receive your device.
  • WiFi In School: Students can connect one personal computer device to the school’s WiFi network via the following WiFi information: 



  • Freshmen Social, Friday 9/8/23 (3-4 PM)




  • Visit the MSIT Athletics Page for more information
  • A completed Medical and Parent Consent form are required for participation in any PSAL activities and tryouts.


  • Visit the Academics section on the www.siths.org website and click Universal Academic Grading Policy.




All students/parents/guardian are expected to review the following hyperlinked documents to help provide students with a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment, the Chancellor's Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning (including the Discipline Code) outline the guidelines and expectations for student behavior in school. The Discipline Code for grades K–5 and 6–12, for the 2019–20 school year, remains in effect for the 2022–23 school year and applies to all students.  Please also review the following letter issued by Dr. Jawana Johnson Chief of School Climate, Culture, and Well-Being New York City Department of Education.




Schools train and drill all staff and students in the General Response Protocol, which describes what to do in an Evacuation, Shelter-In, or Lockdown. The training is tailored for different grade levels so that students aren’t upset by the information. Schools also sends home a copy of the General Response Protocol, to help you talk to your children about emergency readiness in school. The General Response Protocol gives schools instructions to follow when an emergency happens. It uses common language to identify the steps to take until first responders arrive.



Meet the Principal: 


Hi students! It's typically me (Mr. Erlenwein) who is updating these web pages, and I thought that I'd slip in a quick hello and encourage you to stop by my office (Room 119) if you ever want to chat, say hello or need help. My secretary, Ms. Laforgia and our staff are there to greet and help you. Look forward to getting to know all of you!



Building Entry: 

The Cafeteria entrance will be opened at 7:15 am to begin scanning students into the building. 


ID Cards and Working Papers: 

  • Student ID cards must be displayed at all times (with the exception of during Physical Education class) via a student-worn lanyard (to be provided during homeroom on the first day of school). ID cards that do not have pictures on them will be updated once we complete the School ID Photo process during the first week of school. If you need a new ID card, you can request in the SO Store (C-51).
  • Working Papers can be acquired in room 119.


Metro Cards: 

MetroCards will be distributed on the first day of school. Replacements can be acquired by visiting the SO Store (Room C-51).