Staten Island Tech Parents Association

Bridging the Gap Initiative


What is it?

Each year we ask families to make a monetary donation to cover the items not funded by the Department of Education.

Funds generated through our “Bridging the Gap Initiative” are used to help the school to purchase items that the Department of Education’s budget is unable to support

This year, in celebration of SI Tech’s 30th Anniversary, our goal is to raise funds to update our classrooms to be a 21st Century learning facility.

The suggested donation amount is $500 per family, but gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated! Every Dollar Counts!

Our goal is for 100% of family participation.

You can contribute below via credit card

or via check payable to SI Tech PTA


485 Clawson Street

Staten Island, NY 10306

Thank you for your support of Staten Island Tech High School Parents Association!

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