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Transcript Request - Alumni

Transcript Request and Education Verifications – Alumni

How to obtain an official transcript:

The Department of Education has mandated the following rules:

  • You cannot request a transcript unless you are the named person that appears on the transcript.
  • No transcript or graduation letter will be issued without proper identification – No Exceptions. You will need to call Mrs. Vignola to confirm identification (718) 667-3222 Ext. 1392.
  • There is no charge.
  • Official Transcripts will only be forwarded to colleges/work sites.  You need to provide the mailing/email address and department your transcript is to be sent.


You will need to email the following information to Tana Vignola, via [email protected].

Indicate:  Transcript Request or Diploma Verification

Today’s Date:

Graduation Year:

Date of Birth:

Social Security Number (Last Four Digits):


Print your name as it appears on your transcript (Maiden Name):

Name, Address or email of College(s) that your transcript will be sent:



Your name, address or email you would like an unofficial copy to be sent:



You cannot request a Education Verification without Release from the graduated student.
Email Request with the Release from the graduated student to Tana Vignola via [email protected].