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PSAT Exam Payment

Attention Parents & Students of 9th & 11th grade students:
Staten Island Technical HS will be administering the PSAT to all 9th & 11th grade students on October 11th, 2017. The cost of the exam is $18.00 which should be paid directly to the Total Registration website. If you qualify for free lunch, you may be eligible for a free PSAT exam, but you will still be responsible for paying the $2.00 administrative fee directly to Total Registration.
All 10th grade students have their exam fees waived by New York City. There is no need for a 10th grade student to pay for this exam.
Please read the following instructions as you register in order to successfully pay for your exams.
Thank you- Ms. Elfassy
Refer to the following steps to ensure that you successfully register for your PSAT exam. This Registration is mandatory BUT does not require immediate payment.
Web Page 1: Please enter an email address. It is recommended that you use your email.
Web Page 2: Renter your email again and create a password with a challenging question.
Web Page 3: Fill in all your personal student information. NOTE: You will be asked to enter 2 different phone numbers to proceed.
Web Page 4: Fill in your Parent/Guardian Information.
Web Page 5: Payment Information- Select the option of Pay by Mail/ Pay later today. Put in some information right now- it can always be modified later.
Web Page 6: Preview your information and Agree to the Refund Policy.
Web Page 7: Confirmation Page- Download your confirmation page to your device.
Web page 8: Press the home key.
Next Steps: Please review your personalized invoice with your parents. All payments are due 10/10/2017. No payments will be accepted in the SO store.