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Science Lab Policy

As stated by the New York State Department of Education:
Students entering Grade 9 in Fall 2001 and beyond must earn three units of credit in science. The three units must be comprised of commencement-level science courses aligned with the New York State Learning Standards in Mathematics, Science, and Technology, including one course from the Physical Setting (physical science) and one course from the Living Environment (life science). The third may be from either life sciences or physical sciences [100.5(a)(3)(iii)]. All commencement-level science courses, including specialized courses, must include laboratory activities. Students who take commencement-level science courses based on New York State’s science core curricula (Living Environment, Physical Setting/Earth Science, Physical Setting/Chemistry, and Physical Setting/Physics) must successfully complete the State-mandated laboratory requirement. Completion of this requirement includes 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experience with satisfactory laboratory reports and prepares students for the corresponding Regents examination in science. Students must pass one Regents examination in science [100.5(a)(5)(i)(d)(3)].
Students are expected to attend their programmed laboratory class for one day a week. If a lab class is missed they are required to attend an after school make-up session.
After the first lateness for lab, students will receive one detention for each subsequent late lab.
After the first cut lab, students will receive two detentions for each subsequent cut science lab. Failure to comply with assigned detentions is considered insubordination and will lead to further disciplinary action.
Failure to meet the minimum number of laboratory minutes will result in the student being barred from taking their Science Regents exam in June. They will receive an F on both their report card as well as their official student transcript. A zero for the Regents exam will be calculated in determining their final average for the final marking period in their Science course. The Regents grade counts for 10% of their final marking period report card grade in June as stated in the course contract for Science that is distributed in September. Additionally, failing science may lead to required summer school attendance and impact promotion for candidacy for graduation.