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Cutting Classes

Absence from Class / Cutting
In an ongoing effort to maintain a standard of excellence, and to build on our success, we have revisited and revised our current standards for classroom participation as it is impacted by:  Absence from Class / Cutting.

Cutting Classes:
  • Subject class teachers will record daily on the ATS bubble sheet and Skedula/PupilPath all student class absences.  
  • Signed and teacher-approved passes / trip forms issued by school staff members will be honored and serve as an excuse for a class absence, under special circumstances.
  • A class absence due to lateness to school, along with a cafeteria-generated “Late to School Pass” is not considered a valid excuse for a class absence and is considered cutting.
Class Participation Rubric:
  • When a student is not in class or is late to class, he or she cannot receive full credit for class participation as defined in the teacher’s grading policy / class contract.
  • When a student accumulates a daily instance of cutting, the subject area teacher will make contact with student’s parent / guardian and the dean via a PupilPath / Skedula Anecdotal submission.
Reporting Student Cutting Procedural Steps:
  • For each individual  instance of cutting – the teacher creates an Anecdotal submission via PupilPath / Skedula, which will be sent to the Dean and Parent/Guardian.
  • Additional cuts will be handled as follows:
    • 1st - conference held between the student and teacher. Teacher notifies parent via an anectdotal.
    • Second cut – Teacher submits a dean referral.
      • Dean conference with student and detentions issued.
      • Dean notifies parent.
    • Third cut – any subsequent cuts
      • Deans referral
      • Notification to club advisors
      • Notification to Athletic Director/Coaches
      • Parent Conference
      • Detentions issued
  • A notation of “Lack of Participation” will be indicated on student’s report card if the student is cutting a subject class.