The Pre-Engineering Career & Technical Education (CTE) program at Staten Island Technical High School is consistent with the school’s original mission statement: to produce well-rounded graduates equipped with college and career readiness and skills. These programs provide a robust STEM curriculum with many opportunities and resources for students to engage in.
Work-based learning (WBL) is the “umbrella” term used to identify activities that engage employers and schools in providing structured learning experiences for students. Our WBL program is a school-business partnership program that provides high school students, age 14 and above, the opportunity to obtain on-site, career exploration and development experiences. The focus of the program is to give students meaningful, hands-on, career exploration opportunities.

The philosophy behind Staten Island Technical High School’s program is to move our students’ education into the 21st Century and better assist our students with their future career plans. We believe in steady and consistent integration of this information and experience throughout the students' four years at Staten Island Tech. In the ninth grade, students begin with Career Awareness to learn about the variety of career fields available to them. In the 10th grade, students focus on Career Exploration, where they further research jobs and internships that they would be interested and shadow professionals in these fields. Lastly, in the 11th and 12th grades, students do intense Career Preparation by working both paid and unpaid internships in the fields of their interest to become fully equipped with the skills needed to succeed.

Participating in the program helps bring our students to a higher level academically, professionally, and personally. Students are able to experience job shadowing experiences and career days, and come in contact with positive adult role models who can help demonstrate, instill, and reinforce important behaviors such as a positive attitude, integrity, ethics, human relations, teamwork, and timeliness. The WBL program gives students the chance to become hands-on learners, build confidence in themselves and gain experience that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  The map below highlights the locations and businesses that have participated in our WBL program in recent years.
Red – SYEP Partnerships
Blue – Internships
Green – Mentoring
Purple – Volunteer Opportunities
Orange – Trips