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Makerspaces have emerged all over the country for local artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to turn ideas into realities. Staten Island Tech embraces the concept of creativity by providing students with resources and opportunities to hone their skills through participation in contests and establishment of businesses.
During the 2016–17 school year, we rolled out a new makerspace/business incubator program called the Staten Island Tech Guild to encourage students to explore their interests with like-minded individuals. To date, we have helped fund and build over 40 independent student projects and have completed over 900 in class projects this past year.
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Independent Art

Students who are looking for a way to show off their artistic abilities should consider a Makerspace project. Artwork not connected to classes gives students the freedom of expression, and the Makerspace can provide supplies to show off student creativity.
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Dr. Jax is starting a new live art project with the art club and the other artists in the building to use the Scribit robot to put student work on display. The robot takes digital art files and dry erase markers to convert images to drawings.
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As part of our TV film studio program, Mr. Van Buren and Dr. Jax have begun aerial footage of events at Staten Island Tech. We are hoping to regularly post footages from the drone at future outdoor events.
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