AP Selection Process

1. Students apply via Naviance portal, prioritizing each of their AP Course selections.

2. All 10th and 11th grade students will meet with their guidance counselors, to review all AP course selections to ensure that choices are aligned with post-secondary school career and pre-major requirements.

3. Teachers will provide a Teacher Recommendation Score within each Subject Area, as described in the Teacher Recommendation Rubrics section of this webpage.

4. Students are ranked within each subject area AP course for which they applied for, based upon the formulas presented in the individual course criteria displayed for each subject area (EnglishRussianHistoryScience and Math) on the navigation panel to the right. 

5. The AP Selection Process is designed to match students based on their Subject Rank Scores and how they ranked individual subject area AP courses. (Ex. Subject Areas: Science; AP Science Courses: AP Biology and AP Chemistry)
  • Acceptance to an AP Subject Course is based first on the student’s Subject Area Rank score, then on the priority order in which the student placed the respective AP Subject Area Course (Ex. AP Biology 1st and AP Chemistry 2nd) and then based upon Seat Availability. 
  • The student with the highest rank is placed in his/ her first AP Course within the respective Subject Area. 
  • Going down the list from the highest score, each student, in turn, is placed in his/her highest prioritized AP Subject Course (Ex. AP Biology, AP Chemistry), within each Subject Area (Ex. Science), in which seats are still available. Therefore, if all the seats in the student’s first-choice AP Subject Course have been offered to students who scored higher, he/she is placed in his/her second-choice AP Subject Course if seats are available, and so on. This process continues until there are no seats available in any of the AP Subject Area Courses.
6. The specific AP courses for which a student will be programmed for is / are based upon the total allowable # of AP courses as determined by their Guidance Counselor AP Selection Interview, and the prioritization of AP Subject Courses, as completed in Question # 49 of the AP Selection Process Survey.
7. AP & Elective request forms will be completed on Naviance in February. From March to May, each student will meet with their counselor to review their AP/Elective application. Course matches will be released to students in June.