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CAD Class

Students use professional, industry-standard programs to become proficient in designing or drawing in 2D and 3D with perfect precision. Students also learn how to analyze CAD designs for the purpose of interpretation and documentation of such drawings. 

A successful CAD user can work efficiently with no errors, and infuse balanced and creative design strategies to satisfy cost, usability, durability, and aesthetics in the final design.

The class also includes discussion and use of skills for rapid prototyping using 3D printing technology with FDM printers using plastic and SLA printers using resin. We also use laser cutting / engraving in the course for robust finishing techniques for 2D material or 3D material that is pieced together.
Students primarily use Autodesk software. Autodesk leads the industry globally in professional and educational Computer Aided Design (CAD). The first term focuses on the most widely and long standing used CAD software, AutoCAD. At the end of the first term all students become professionally certified in AutoCAD through Certiport, the only globally accepted program.  The second term follows 3D driven perspective with Revit, Inventor, 3D Studio Max, or AutoCAD in  any combination or a single program with great depth.

This is a project based learning class. The instructor teaches the material by conducting demonstrations often at first until students get used to the interface and general workflow in Autodesk CAD software. As the term develops, less demonstrations occur and a normal day will consist of students working on their projects getting individualized help from the instructor and also giving / receiving help from their peers. The projects drive the students to gather vast depth inside knowledge of technique and commands so they develop their own optimized style of being a CAD professional There is NO daily homework, and NO written exams. Projects carry grades based on deadlines and performance. Occasionally timed and silent  projects with no discussion or help permitted occur to assess critical skill-sets.

The course comes with multiple credentials for the students. During the course of the year students are required to take a Certiport examination to become industry certified as an Autodesk AutoCAD certified user. This is free and the rate of success with no outside prep-work is effectively 100%. More user level certifications are available for free as optional venture to the students. The course also grants the students CUNY -College of Staten Island credit for ENS 110 - Engineering Graphics provided students take other CTE courses in our school before graduating. The credits appear on a CUNY transcript and are transferable to other institutions. Lastly, CAD at SI Tech counts as the required art credit for graduating high school in NYC/NYS.