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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my page on our school site. I teach Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Advanced CAD in room 237.


Please visit and the pages listed to the right for more info and examples of the SI Tech CAD experience.


Computer Aided Design is a tool and skillset used in an ever-expanding list of careers and hobbies. CAD was intended to be used for an Architect or Engineer to draw (in two dimensions) plans for construction, maintenance, or manufacturing, but historically the potential for using computers for design was quickly realized. Now CAD is used by anyone that would need to design something in 2D or 3D. With the growth of 3D imagery and data being used in the medical field, TV and film production, game development, virtual reality, and many other forms, CAD software has become more mainstreamed into our daily lives. Our students learn how to use multiple CAD programs at our school and many move on to fields of study and careers that use CAD daily. Other students use it for their classes, and later in life for home and professional use. Simply being able to navigate a 3D virtual world or interpret 3D data is a skill that is fast becoming part of normal life. With the rise of rapid prototyping with 3D printers, laser engravers, and CNC machines, it is not out of the ordinary to use CAD inside or outside of home environment.


Students who attend Staten Island Tech can take CAD as their required high school art credit, though it is much more than just an art class. It is an unforgettable experience that delivers a professional level of skill using CAD, a globally accepted industry certification, and a fun and relaxing overall experience as part of the day at Tech.


I also enjoy Bubble Tea.


Teacher Certifications

- NYS Professional Teacher - Mathematics
- NYS CTE Professional Teacher - Computer Aided Design
- NYS CTE Professional Teacher - Computer Technology
- NYS CTE Professional Teacher - Drafting
- NYS Professional Teacher - Computer Science (pending it's release)


CAD Certificatiions

- Certiport AutoCAD Certified

- Certiport Autodesk Revit Certified

- Certiport Autodesk Inventor Professional Certified



- BS Computer Science - CUNY College of Staten Island
- MS Secondary Edu in Mathematics - CUNY CSI
- Staten Island Technical High School Class of 1999


Other Achievements

- Math for America Master Teacher 2016 - 2019
- MfA Master Teacher II+ (2nd Fellowship) 2020 - 2024+
- UFT Outstanding Career and Technology Teacher 2017