The New York Civil Liberties Union Teen Activist Project

The TAP program will meet fully in-person this upcoming school year, location TBD. TAP will meet at least once a week on Monday’s from 4:15-6:15pm and brings together teens from all over the NYC area to discuss civil liberties issues, such as students’ rights, confidential health care rights for minors, racial justice, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ rights, freedom of speech – and more. TAP members get hands-on training in peer education and community organizing. The program offers students the opportunity to learn about civil rights issues affecting their communities, develop youth-led advocacy campaigns, and work with professionals on civil liberties issues.

TAP members can receive up to $600 in stipend money or community service hours. The program offers students the opportunity to meet with legislators in Albany and NYC, teach their peers important information about their rights, and sharpen their public speaking skills. TAP is ideal for youth interested in civil rights, social justice, and community organizing.

To qualify to participate, teens must be 14 to 21 years old and in a New York City high school or a GED program. We ask that in addition to weekly or bi-weekly meetings, TAP members be available to meet after school at least one other day of the week for various events and actions. Youth who join must remain in the program for the full length of the school year in order to receive a stipend.

We encourage youth of all backgrounds to apply for the Teen Activist Project—we are not looking for any specific “type” of student, just people who are passionate about making a change in their community!

The application to join the TAP program will close on Sunday, October 8th.