SI Tech Math Team Math-A-Thon Raises $520 for LuvMichael

It starts as an idea, which grows into a vision. When a team works together in a collaborative spirit, the vision then becomes reality. Such can be said for the 1st Annual Math-A-Thon at SI Tech. All problems, which varied in difficulty, were written and graded by Mrs. Asher's Math A Team. Each week, beginning at the end of January, students that signed up to participate received a problem set. Once completed they submitted their work to be graded and to receive the next set of problems. The event lasted three weeks. When all was said and done, the school raised over $520 for Luv Michael, a non-for -profit that advocates for Adults with Autism.  

The results are in...

In 5th place - Sophomore Katherine Sleptsov 

In 4th place -  Sophomore Sophia Yavno

In 3rd place -  Senior Demo Kalimouratoglou

Tied for 2nd Place - Juniors Cindy Tang and Bernice Li

1st Place winner - Freshman David Rozenfeld

CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants!  Special thanks to Grady Yu & Justin Zhang for their leadership and to Mrs. Asher for her supervision, support and guidance! Fun was most certainly had by all!

Solutions are attached below.

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