ISP Application - Please post immediately - for SENIORS and juniors but priority is seniors
The Industry Scholars (ISP) Application on CTS is OPEN and the DEADLINE is TOMORROW, Oct 22nd!!!!!! This is a great program, please apply if you are interested.​ It is a 60 hour program and students will earn $15 minimum wage. Interested students can now apply on CTS ( 
Before you can apply for this internship, you MUST first complete your CTS profile registration - DETAILS FOR THIS SHOULD HAVE ALSO BEEN PROVIDED TO YOU AS AN ASSIGNMENT IN YOUR SENIOR/JUNIOR HISTORY CLASS, but I am also providing the instructions again here.  COMPLETE THIS FIRST, THEN DO THE ISP APPLICATION.
Register for CTS:
PLEASE Do NOT jump ahead and start filling out your profile before you read the Google Slides.  The Slides contain specific instructions. Please follow these steps carefully and read along with the Google Slides presentation for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) embedded within the Slides.
Please please please please please read and follow along with the Google Slides, it will clarify all of the questions you have.

Please register for the CTE Tracking System (CTS) using the below steps:
Go to Select “Register for the Participant Site”
You will need your OSIS Number and Date of Birth
***Remember to write down the username and password you create***

It is going to say you have already registered for this site - that is expected! The school has started filling out some of the information for you. 
After you register, you will need to complete ALL the required fields for your profile. 
Make sure you save your work!
If you have any issues registering for CTS, you can submit a very quick help ticket - we will get back to you as soon as possible:

Apply for ISP Internship:
Click “CTE Application” and then “Click Here” - full instructions are HERE:

The deadline for the application is October 22nd and the verification deadline is October 29th. See below for an updated concrete timeline:

October 22nd - Application deadline
October 29th - i-9 verification deadline
November 4th - Orientation
November 15th-December 22nd: Internship duration
Employment Verification: 
Every student interested in applying for this program must be verified for employment.
Please carefully review the Student Employment Verification Checklist - you must show original documents, not copies:
The next blitz session for seniors interested in the Fall 2021 Virtual internship is October 27th at 3:30 pm. To sign up for the session, students can register using this Calendly link:   
Prior to the appointment, students MUST sign in:
and upload a completed, signed I-9 page 1 form:
If students are unable to access the sign in form, please use THIS one
(, and submit this i9 form to us. Students do not need to include your Social Security Number on the I-9 page 1.