Spring College Now at CSI registration starts December 9th.

This spring the College Now program at the College of Staten Island will offer a program for public school students in grades 11 or 12. Students will have the opportunity to take a college credit course on Saturdays. Course tuition, textbooks, and fees will be provided to students who fulfill the prerequisite for a course.

Please see the attached PDF for information about the courses offered.


  • The new immunization policy requires a copy of the immunization record for each applicant but does NOT require a doctor’s signature. 
  • Students are NOT required to register in person. A parent can register for the student provided they bring the required documentation.
  • The College Now Office is no longer accepting a printout from Pupil-path for your transcript. You must give them a photocopy of your permanent record

Please see the attached files or see Dr. Davis in room 219 if you have any questions.