Board of Elections Early Voting Site: Impact to Staten Island Technical High School

Good Morning Students and Parents,

In accordance with New York State Law, the Board of Elections of the City of New York is authorized to use Staten Island Technical High School’s facility as an extended early voting poll site, for this year’s General Election cycle. We have been notified that Staten Island Tech’s cafeteria will be used as the designated voting area based upon the schedule pictured.


Additionally, the caterferia will be used by the Board of Elections on Monday, November 4th and Tuesday, November 5th, for setup and Election Day voting procedures. 


How will this affect the students of Staten Island Technical High School?

  • In order to ensure standard safety procedures and protocols, students will be utilizing the cafeteria for morning entry/scan-in, and to pick up breakfast and lunch. However, students will not remain in the cafeteria during morning entry/scan-in, breakfast and lunch pick-up. 
  • The auditorium will be used as a holding area after morning entry, as well as to eat breakfast and lunch.
  • Afterschool Activities & PSAL:  The school is not permitted to conduct any afterschool activities in the cafeteria during the voting cycle dates listed above.  



  • Building Entry: Students will enter through the cafeteria and scan in as they normally do each morning.  
  • Breakfast: Students who wish to have breakfast will obtain their breakfast from the cafeteria and continue to the auditorium to eat breakfast.  Students who do not wish to have breakfast will go directly to the auditorium after scanning in. (They are not to travel to classrooms or offices.)
  • Locker Room: Seven minutes before the 1st / 2nd period bells, students will be released from the auditorium to visit the locker room if needed.
  • Students must remain in the auditorium until dismissed.



  • School Provided Lunch: Students who wish to obtain lunch will go to the cafeteria to obtain their lunch and then go directly to the auditorium to eat their lunch.  
  • Students who bring their lunch or wish to not have lunch must go directly to the auditorium during their programmed lunch period.  
  • Attendance: Students will scan into their lunch period when they enter the auditorium. Note: All students scheduled for lunch during periods 4-7, are assigned to the auditorium during this election voting cycle. All standard cafeteria procedures and protocols will be followed in the auditorium (Ex. Bathrooms, Library, Guidance Counselor, etc.).


PSAL SPORTS & AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Any after school activities previously scheduled in the cafeteria will have an alternative meeting space, as determined and communicated by the faculty adviser of the respective activity. Students should check with their coach / faculty adviser in advance of next week’s schedule.


SAFETY & SECURITY: The Board of Elections of the City of New York is working with the NYPD to ensure our building is secure by providing additional staff and careful planning. NYC DOE Directors of Facilities and Borough Safety Directors have met with school administration to provide additional support and minimize any disruption.