SITHS: CareMonkey - 1st Parent Online Form (Emergency Blue Card Contact Form)

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Up until this point, we have conducted the soft roll out of the CareMonkey platform, which has registered more than 70% of our Staten Island Tech parents & guardians. In the next phase of our roll out, which I hope will encourage the remainder of our families to register, we will be asking parents & guardians to complete the “Emergency (Blue) Contact Card" form, which is outlined below.

In the next phase of our roll-out, we will also be using CareMonkey platform for Parent Consent Forms for school trips and events. You will no longer need to sign paper documents and will also be able to pay for trips/events from your mobile phone or computer. Please register with CareMonkey if you haven’t already and read below regarding the “Emergency (Blue) Contact Card" form.


Mr. Erlenwein



Emergency (Blue) Contact Card

In our effort to keep our students' information on file and accessible in the event of an emergency (contact or pick-up) we are moving the "Emergency (Blue) Contact Card" form to an all-digital format. This will allow for ease of access in case of an emergency, as well as allow our parents & guardians to keep emergency contact / pick-up information up-to-date, via a live, digital database. We realize that you may have already submitted a hardcopy of this form, but ask that you please fill out the digital version as our communication systems are evolving.

Please take a moment to complete the Emergency (Blue) Contact Form. If in the future you should need to make any updates, you can simply return to the Caremonkey portal and edit only the information that needs to be changed / updated.

If your home address changes, you will still need to present a hard copy of a utility bill of your new address to our Parent Coordinator, Barbara Malenfant, in room 117, in addition to updating the online Emergency (Blue) Contact Form. By presenting Mrs. Malenfant with a utility bill with your new address, the NYC Department of Education database will also be updated with your new official address.

Note: The Emergency (Blue) Contact Form will remain perpetually "editable" on the Caremonkey website so if you need to update any information at any time, you may do so, without needing to input all the other information once again.

Should you have any questions, or need support, please contact Mrs. Malenfant at 718-667-3222 Ext 1171 or via email at