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Summer Before Sophomore Year

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Staten Island Technical High School believes very strongly in the social-emotional well being of our students. We have instituted assignment free breaks so that a break can be a reset! However, reading can be a GREAT way to relax, so this pamphlet gives you some of our English Department's favorite summer reads without any assignment attached
. Click this link to view the pamphlet: English Department Recommendations


This is the link to NYPL's remote resources (including eBooks and library card information):


These packets are for Freshmen who are moving up. Please do the work for Advanced Russianif you have requested it, but you may not be placed into an Advanced class. Your packet will be accepted by the teacher in the class you are placed. 

Sophomore Russian Summer Packet

Advanced Russian Packet


If you are a NEW 10th graderYou do not need to complete any assignments for Russian. You may review the resources below to help familiarize yourself with the alphabet, but this will all be taught in September. In response to some of you inquiring about having some resources prior to September, we are posting this below for those who wish to have access. Thank you and see you in September!!!