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Return to School 2020 - Student Schedules, News & Activities

A Message from Mr. Erlenwein (Posted 3/1/2021):

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers,


I hope everyone is well and safe as the Spring Term continues and the temperature and weather are slowly rising and improving. I do have some updates and reminders for you below regarding the School Calendar, Parent-Teacher Conferences, SAT Day(s), AP Exams and the much awaited and anticipated reopening of High Schools. 


Wishing you all my very best!



Mr. Erlenwein


I. Calendar for March / April (As of 2/11) :



II. Remote Parent-Teacher Conferences (SAVE THE DATES):  

Remote Parent-Teacher Conferences are being held: 

  • Thursday evening, March 18th from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday afternoon, March 19th from 12:50 PM - 2:50 PM.
Please click on this link to read the FULL MEMO for Parent-Teacher Conferences.



III. SAT for 11th Graders:  


Dear Juniors and SI Tech Families,
This year the NYC DOE is offering a FREE SAT for Juniors.  We will be dividing the Junior Class into 2 separate test dates based on last names so we can maintain social distancing protocols for the exam.  Please note the following:
  • Last Names A-K, April 13th
  • Last Names L-Z, April 27th
  • Any student with College Board Accommodations (Regardless of Last Name) - April 13th
If you are interested in taking the Free SAT, please fill out this form - https://forms.gle/nBPp1iaC1C92QcMYA by March 15th. 


IV. Advanced Placement (AP) Exams:

We are in the process of surveying students, parents / caregivers and faculty on AP Exam testing details and will release testing information and a a schedule by mid March.


V. In-Person Instruction:

I can assure you that behind the scenes at the NYC DOE there is progress being made on a return to in-person learning for high school students in the very near future. Although no specific date has been shared at this time, we are remaining hopeful and are preparing in anticipation of a future announcement. I have been sharing all of our concerns and specific needs in preparation for our school's successful reopening.


NOTE: Any Blended / In-Person students who wish to continue attending in-person, MUST have the consent to weekly in-school COVID testing form submitted prior to the reopening of high schools. More information is shared below with instructions for how you can submit your consent electronically. We have been instructed to automatically move students who haven't submitted their consent to Fully Remote Learning if the form is not submitted soon. 



VI. Consent for In-Person Covid Testing / Return to School:

While there is currently no timeline provided for the exact return to school at this time, this serves as a friendly reminder that all students who plan on returning for In-Person Learning must consent to the weekly in-school COVID testing, as per the NYC DOE. 

If you haven't done so already, please check your email for the reminder that has been sent via an Operoo email asking for parents to complete the In-School COVID Testing Consent form.  Approximately 70% of our In-Person learners have already completed this form. 

In addition to completing the form on Operoo, you also have the choice of completing the consent form online via the NYC DOE digital portal via your NYC Schools Account.  

Forms for student medical exemptions from COVID testing are also available at this link, but have very strict guidelines and are only granted in certain limited cases.

Note: If you are unable to complete this process online, you may bring the paper consent form (translations available via this link) into school on the first day you return to the building.


VII. Staying In-Touch:

Lastly, staying informed and in touch is very important to us and has been a great strength of ours as a school community prior to and especially during COVID-19. Below, there is posted an updated calendar and student schedule, as well as a "Staying in Touch" section, with quick links to Faculty and Staff email addresses in case you need to make contact.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Parent Coordinator, Barbara Malenfant, at BMalenfant@schools.nyc.gov, or via mobile phone at, 347-563-4563.



Mr. Erlenwein


How do I stay in touch with the SITHS Faculty, Staff and Administration? 

Below are the email addresses and telephone extensions (Main Line: 718-667-3222) of School Administration, Guidance Counselors, Deans, COSA and Parent Coordinator. Please also use the www.siths.org faculty & staff email directory to contact teachers

School Administration:


Mark D. Erlenwein - MErlenw@schools.nyc.gov 


Ext. 1191

Robert J. Andrews - RAndrew@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principal of Organization and 

Health and Physical Education

Ext. 1211

Dr. John Davis - JDavis41@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principal of Math, Science

and High School Admissions

Ext. 2191

Alexis Kirschbaum - AKirschbaum@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel 

Services, Security and College Admissions

Ext. 1221

Joseph Manzo - JManzo2@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principal of Social Studies 

and Career and Technology Education

Noelle Sanguinedo - NSanguinedo@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principal of English, Foreign Language,

Performing Arts, Music, and Student Activities

Ext. 3311
Guidance Department:

Ellen Devine (Ext 1371) - EDevine@schools.nyc.gov

Cathy Ecker (Ext 1372) - CEcker@schools.nyc.gov

Margaret Ferrigno (Ext 1341) - MFerrigno@schools.nyc.gov

Lisa Gervais-Barnett (Ext 1373) - LBarnet2@schools.nyc.gov

Liliana Leonforte (2311) - LLeonforte@schools.nyc.gov

Jessica Clark - Social Worker - JClark21@schools.nyc.gov

Melissa Leaver - SAPIS


Coordinator of Student Activities: Thomas Terrusa - TTerrusa@schools.nyc.gov

Deans: Diane Federico - DFedericocogan@schools.nyc.gov Jessica Pagliaro - JPagliaro2@schools.nyc.gov

Parent Coordinator: Barbara Malenfant - BMalenfant@schools.nyc.gov

    • Cell: 347-563-4563
    • School: 718-667-3222 Ext 1171




The Student Organization Virtual Office


As per our COSA (Coordinator of Student Activities), Mr. Terrusa's previous emails,  I really encourage all of our students to join your respective Activities & Information Google Classroom. There are many upcoming activities and events that I encourage you all to participate in over the next month. 


The Student Activities Google Classroom codes

for each grade level can be found below:

Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
5crdi7v hebal6r qiicdzk ap6u4va



The Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) team is dedicated to career development, which means, we are constantly informing you about opportunities for internships, scholarships, career preparation workshops, technology skill-building, networking events, and much more. Because of the current pandemic, all events advertised will be virtual. Use the link to the introduction letter and Google Classroom code below as your guide on how to make sure that you do not miss any opportunities.


Career Development Center Introduction Letter

The Career Development Center Google Classroom code is:  vrd2btx





Click on the titles below for more information on how to participate:

Please take the time to go through this important e-mail with information regarding upcoming senior activities and due dates.


Senior Dues Reminder:


Please remember to review the Senior Letter which can be found in the link below:


2021 Senior Letter

The guaranteed items payment can be made through Operoo. All the information regarding the break-down can be found in the senior letter. Please note, if you do not pay by the due date, you may not receive the items listed in the Guaranteed Items section of the letter. Starting next week, I will be reaching out to families individually with reminders if you have not yet made a payment. Unfortunately, Operoo is still the only way to collect payment for our Senior Dues.


Yearbook Advertisements Update: 

Thank you to everyone that has already purchased a personal advertisement in our 2021 yearbook. I’d like to announce that we are having a holiday sale where you save 10% on your advertisement by using the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS. You can use the link below to make an advertisement through our vendor, Walsworth. This coupon will expire on January 7, 2021 and it will be the LAST time you can save 10%. Don’t forget, you can also share this with businesses looking to advertise to help us fundraise for the production of our yearbook.

Walsworth's Advertisement Link


Senior Blurbs, Quotes, & Baby Picture Collection:  

Please use the link to the Google Form below to begin handing in your yearbook blurbs and quotes. 

2021 Senior Blurbs, Quotes, & Baby Picture Collection Google Form

Information from the Google Form Below:

Every senior must submit the following items by December 7, 2020.

  1. Senior Blurb
  2. Quote
  3. Baby Picture* (You can also submit your Baby Picture through the Google Classroom post or through the Yearbook Snap app)

Information from the Google Form Below 



Note: The Blurb has a character limit of 500 and the quote is 200. The blurb should be your words and the quote should be a quote that was meaningful to you in some way. Have fun and enjoy!


ANY BLURB OR QUOTE MENTIONING A TEACHER WILL BE MARKED AS TENTATIVE UNTIL IT CAN BE CONFIRMED THAT THE TEACHER IS FINE WITH HOW THEIR NAME IS MENTIONED. (i.e. thanking specific teachers, talking about a teacher’s class in an appropriate manner, etc. are acceptable ways to mention or "shout out" faculty members and are encouraged).


****Keep in mind as you fill out this form and anything for the yearbook in the future: The Yearbook Staff, Mr. Terrusa, and/or our school's administration have the right to change, edit or remove anything that they do not believe belongs in the yearbook.**** 


Students will have to confirm their blurbs and quotes at some point and will have a chance to make changes if you are notified that anything is inappropriate or has to be changed. ANY student that doesn't hand in a blurb or quote by the due date will have an automatic filler placed in their section for the yearbook. If you choose not to upload a baby picture, you will not be featured on those pages in the yearbook.



Senior T-Shirt & Senior Sweatshirt Designs: 

Please use the Google Classroom post in the Senior Virtual Activities & Information Classroom to upload your designs and follow the information found below from the email I sent out earlier on this topic: (I have extended the deadline to December 9th for anyone that would like to submit designs. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU CAN SUBMIT DESIGNS)


Senior T-Shirt Designs: Starting tomorrow, (10/19/2020-12/9/2020) you can email any design for your Senior Shirts to thomas.terrusa@sitechhs.com (PLEASE USE THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM POST TO YOUR DESIGNS UPLOAD INSTEAD). Please specify if your design(s) are for the front or back of the shirt. Also, include and specify if there are any shirt combinations that are specifically made to go together. The class will have an opportunity to vote on the designs by the end of the month. The Senior T-Shirt comes with a front and back design. In your email to me, please make sure you also specify that the design is a t-shirt design. Designs must be school appropriate. Have fun!


Senior Sweatshirt Designs: Also starting tomorrow, (10/19/2020-12/9/2020) you can upload your Senior Sweatshirt designs. Please make sure you specify that it is a design for the sweatshirt so that when you are able to vote on the designs I can share them correctly. The sweatshirts include a front and back design, however the back design is usually only one color. You can hand in designs with original color options, but please remember that designs have to stay within the designated budget. Designs must be school appropriate. Have fun!



Smooth’s Graduation Package Information Google Form:

Please fill out the form below sent to us by Smooth. This form will help us with information regarding your height, shirt size, and other information that is important for them to collect in order to fulfill our order. Please note that if you do not fill out this form on time, you may not receive your items with everyone else or on time. WE NEED THIS INFORMATION IN ORDER TO FULFILL YOUR ORDER. Please fill out this form by January 7, 2021. Smooth's 2021 Graduation Package Information Google Form



Visiontech’s Yearbook Picture Selection:

Please use the platform that was sent to you from our vendor, Visiontech, with your Senior Picture proofs to select which picture you would like to have in the 2021 Senior section of our yearbook. In the past, it has only been the shawl or shirt & tie picture. However, this year you are allowed to select any of the portraits that you like best as your yearbook picture. You must select the yearbook portrait option when you highlight a picture. You DO NOT have to purchase any pictures in order to select one for the yearbook. If you do not select a photo, the vendor will choose the picture for you and provide it to us for the yearbook. If you already took your senior pictures and have received the proofs, please make the selection by January 7, 2021. If you took your pictures and have not received the proofs, please visit Visiontech’s website where you can access your photos by entering your OSIS number. If that doesn’t work, please email the company at: joey@visiontech.tv or tony@visiontech.tv



Senior Picture Make-up Update:

If you did not have your senior pictures taken during the designated days in school, here are some updates and options for you:

You are able to make appointments at the studio if you are comfortable with doing so. Their studio follows the required CDC guidelines in order to be open for business. As long as they are allowed to be open, they can make appointments. You can also make an appointment for re-takes if you would like. To make an appointment at their studio, please email joey@visiontech.tv or tony@visiontech.tv


If you do not want to take a photo at school or go to their studio, please put on a nice outfit, something formal or something that you would’ve worn to our picture day, and take a headshot standing in front of a blank wall. The blank wall will help us with editing it onto a similar backdrop that our photographers will use. Please take the picture with either a camera or phone camera, but take the picture horizontally if you are using a phone. This will make it easier to format for us. Please e-mail me separately at thomas.terrusa@sitechhs.com if you have any questions. You can also send me the picture and be sure the file includes the student’s name.


I will be reaching out to you individually if you have not had your picture taken when I receive more information.

Thank you and hope this information was helpful!

1) Adopt Your Block Campaign

Council Member Matteo would like to inform students of a socially-distanced volunteer opportunity for students who need volunteer hours.
We are looking for students to adopt their block. This simply means that they will pick up litter in front of their own homes and on their block once a week. Once this work is complete, they should take a photo and indicate which block they cleaned. Councilman Matteo's, Deputy Chief of Staff, Angela Lesane, will be happy to send a certificate of completion for each participating student, so the students can receive appropriate credit. 
This kind of volunteer opportunity allows students to do volunteer work in a socially-distant manner, and, at the same time, help improve the quality-of-life for all. All students need to do is to clean their block of any litter that they see. They can do this once a day for a week or two weeks or however many hours they may need. After it is completed they can email Ms. Lesane pictures of the cleanups and how many hours that they completed with their address. A certificate will be mailed for completion of the community service hours.
Please contact Angela Lesane, my Deputy Chief-of-Staff, at alesane@council.nyc.gov if you would like to participate.


2. Where-to-Turn Snow Removal Volunteers:

The last few years we have sent out this information for anyone looking to sign-up and register through Where-to-Turn to help people within your communities remove snow during the winter. YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH THE ORGANIZATION IN ORDER TO BE SELECTED AND PAIRED WITH PEOPLE THAT REQUEST HELP. Their organization monitors hours and will give you the information you need at the end of the season. Below you can find two links: 

Where-To-Turn Website:  

If you try registering through the homepage, scroll down to the "Our Mission and Overview" section on their homepage. Then look for the yellow tab that says "Snow Removal Volunteers: Click Here to Sign-Up." This will bring you to their google form where you can register for the opportunity.

Snow Removal Volunteers: Sign-Up Google Form:

**This link may not work, but it is the direct link to their google form to register for the event. If you try this link and don't receive a confirmation, I would try to register using the instructions from the above link (which is the method I recommend anyway).**

Again, once you sign-up, their organization is in-charge of selecting you. We do not guarantee that you will be selected. They also will track your information and keep your hours through their organization (if selected). You will want to confirm that with them at the end of the season.


3. Admissions Volunteer Opportunity


Hey Everyone,

Welcome back & Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fun, relaxing, and restful break! As we return to school, I'd like to make you aware of an opportunity to gain some volunteer hours by uploading videos to our Flipgrid. Unfortunately we are not able to have a traditional Open House (one of my personal favorite Tech events) so we are putting together an interactive pamphlet for prospective students and their families. However, we need your help! We have created a Flipgrid with questions about our school. Each answer should be between 30-60 seconds long. You can gain up to 5 volunteer hours by answering 5 different prompts. You gain 1 hour for each video you upload (again, the max you can gain though is 5 hours). Also, we do ask that you keep in mind these videos will be shared with many different people and that you choose a location in your home with a more formal background. For example, film the video with a plain wall in the background or have the camera angled to capture a certain scene that you are looking to highlight. Please do not film the videos sitting on your bed or in your pajamas. We also ask that you be aware of your dress attire for these videos. You don't have to wear a dress or suit, but again, please no pajamas. If you have a team jersey or school event shirt, I encourage you to wear that in your video response. If you have any questions, please email me at Terrusa@sitechhs.com and place "Admissions Volunteer Opportunity" in the subject line. Thank you!

Admissions Volunteer Opportunity Flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/terrusa8650



Mr. Terrusa

Coordinator of Student Activities


The New York Academy of Science Virtual Stem Camp (January 18 - 29 4-6 PM)
Virtual STEM Camps

Investing in Your Future

Stuck at home? Immerse yourself in the exciting world of science through our two-week virtual STEM Camps! Taught by real scientists and experts, this unique experience will expose students to cutting edge science research while encouraging them to think outside of the box. Participants can expect to gain skills in scientific research, communication, and critical thinking. This is an incredible opportunity to work alongside graduate and PhD-level scientists while gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to pursue a career in a STEM-related field. Participating students will receive a certificate from the Academy and access to curated resources to support their self-discovery in STEM.

We are now accepting registrations for Winter 2021. Our two-week camps will run January 18-29, Monday to Friday from 4-6pm EST. The cost of camp is $495 per student.

A Message from the Chancellor:
According to the NYC DOE Student Learning Preference Website, AT ANY TIME DURING THE YEAR, for any reason, you can choose fully remote learning for your child. This means they would learn 100% remotely (all online, from home). Remote learning includes live interaction with teachers every day, and every class includes live instruction. Changing your preference: If you choose fully remote learning for your child, you will have the option to change back to blended learning at a few specific times during the school year, beginning in November 2020. change your learning preference to fully remote
A. Daily Health Screening Protocol:
Starting on October 1st, students entering our building must wear a mask and complete a daily Health Screening, and present verification to staff upon entering the school building. Students will also take a temperature screening upon entering the building.  You can find the online health screening at healthscreening.schools.nyc You can also find the health screening link on the school website under the STUDENT LIFE or PARENTS drop-down menu on the homepage. Masks will be available for students who need one.

In order to use the health screening online portal, students will need access to their @nycstudents.net account in order to log in. Use this link in order to set up your account.

When you do the screening at home, you or your child will need to provide the results of the screening either by:

  • showing the email verification on a smartphone
  • or a printout of the results before entering the school building.

If you need to print and complete a paper copy of the health screening survey, Use this link to print, complete, and present it to the school staff.

While all students will be taking a temperature screening upon entering the building, all students will receive an oral thermometer (for use at home) in their first week of in-person instruction in case they need one to check their temperature, as part of the daily Health Screening protocol.

B. Bring Your Personal Computer Device & Headphone with Microphone to School 
  • Please remember to bring your personal computer devices to school with you, as you will need them in order to participate during Live In-Person and Remote Instruction. Students will need headphones with a microphone in order to participate in virtual meetings should the need arise while in school.
    • SI Tech Guest WiFi Account and Temporary Password: Here is the temporary Guest Wifi Account for SI Tech so all new students will have Web Access in their classes until we can officially show them how to self-register their devices on our WiFi network, once in school. Keep this handy as you may need it!

Guest WiFi Access Account:    Guest SSID: DOEGuest          Password: NYC$itevent

C. Welcome Back Letter with Important Protocols
  • ALL STUDENTS AND PARENTS / CAREGIVERS MUST READ the Welcome Back Letter, which covers all the important details and protocols that ALL STUDENTS attending school for In-Person Learning, needs to know. 
D. Metrocard and ID Cards
  • On the first day of your In-Person learning, when you are dismissed from the building through the cafeteria at the end of the day, we will have stations setup for students to pick-up their ID Card (for Freshmen) and Metrocards (for all students).
E. Morning Arrival and Social Distancing Markers 
  • When you arrive by the Cafeteria entrance for school entry, please stand on the social distancing dots, which are spaced at 6 feet apart. The bleachers will be open as well for students to be seated before the cafeteria doors open (which is at approximately 7:45 am), with priority given to students who have Science Lab at 8:00 am. There are social distancing markers (dots) on the bleachers as well. See pics below of social distancing dots near the cafeteria. 
  • NOTE: If you don't have a class until later in the morning, please don't arrive too early. All students will have to wait outside until entry, as per the class schedule.
I. Daily Student Attendance Survey (Posted Thursday, 9.24.2020)
Dear Students,
Effective Friday, September 25th, all students will need to register their daily attendance, by using the following link to complete the "SITHS Student Official Daily Attendance Survey" by 12 PM each school day. 
This attendance survey will be utilized to cross-reference your period / class attendance record, which will be entered in the NYC DOE official attendance record system. 
Thank you!
Mr. Erlenwein
I. S79 and S57 Special Bus Service Updates (Posted Wednesday, 9.23.2020)
On Wednesday morning, Mr. Andrews and I met with the General Superintendent of Staten Island Road Operations / Buses from the New York City Mass Transit Authority (MTA). Unfortunately, the MTA will not be able to provide the S57 and S79 special bus service, which would traditionally leave from Staten Island Technical High School, curbside, at the conclusion of the school day. Instead, at dismissal, students will have to use the bus stop on Hylan Boulevard and Ebbits Lane.
In addition, with a proposed 40% budget cut to the MTA, we are closely monitoring this situation as we know how many of our students rely on public transportation to travel to and from school. Stay tuned.
II. Daily Student Health Screening / Attestation
Starting on October 1st, students entering our building must complete a daily Health Screening, and present verification to staff upon entering the school building. 
You can find the online health screening at healthscreening.schools.nyc. You can also find the health screening link on the SITHS website under the STUDENT LIFE or PARENTS drop-down menu on the homepage.

In order to use the health screening online portal, students will need access to their @nycstudents.net account in order to log in. Use this link in order to set up your account.

When you do the screening at home, you or your child will need to provide the results of the screening either by:
  • showing the email verification on a smartphone
  • or a printout of the results before entering the school building.
If you need to print and complete a paper copy of the health screening survey, use this link to print, complete and present it to the school staff.
All students will receive an oral thermometer (for use at home) in their first week of in-person instruction in case they need one to check their temperature.
Below is a sample of what the Health Screening Verification Looks like on a mobile phone and the paper version (Picture will automatically change):
I. 2020-21 SITHS Academic Grading Policy & NYC DOE Synchronous Learning Guidelines (Posted Monday, 9.21.2020)
Dear Students, Parents & Caregivers,
At the start of each school year, we share the updated 2020-21 Academic Grading Policy for Staten Island Technical High School. You may access this file to view by clicking on the link above. 
Updated Sections to Review:
  • Habits of Success: Reduced from four habits to two, in order to better align with Blended and Remote Learning practices, and an increase from a weight of 15% to 20% of the student's total class grade.
  • Learning Progress: Total Weight shifted from 85% to 80%.
  • Inclusion of Assignments Due Date Guide: Being many of the class assessments will become part of an assignment that will have a due date, we have replaced the Testing Schedule with the Assignment Due Date schedule. See the description and chart, which reflect the guidelines and expectations.
II. NYC Department of Education Instructional Guidelines on Asynchronous / Synchronous Learning:
To better inform our students, parents and caregivers of the day to day instructional expectations, we are sharing  the instructional guidelines from the NYC DOE to better inform our school community as to what they can expect in terms of synchronous and asynchronous instruction on a daily basis. (At the very bottom of this page is a detailed guide on Synchronous and Asynchronous instruction.)
As per the NYC DOE Guidelines on Synchronous / Asynchronous instruction, the chart below displays the "minimal - maximal ranges of daily synchronous and asynchronous instruction students may experience each day, per subject area, delivered in short, grade appropriate, intervals throughout the day with gradual increases until school fully opens."
SITHS 2020-21 Blended & Fully Remote Student Schedule (Updated 9.8.20)
After months of revision and planning we're happy to finally share the Staten Island Technical High School Blended & Fully Remote Student Schedule for the 2020-21 school year. 
We thank all the faculty, staff, students and parents, as well as the School Leadership Team, who provided feedback in creating this student program, which will best serve the needs of our unique academic institution. In the creation of this schedule there were key aspects of the feedback we received and some primary goals and standards that we wanted to ensure remained intact.
Some of the key features of this program are:
  • Nearly all of the "staple" and "highly sought after" Staten Island Tech courses remain intact and available for students to take during the 2020-21 school year, whether In-Person or Fully Remote.
  • Staten Island Technical High School Teachers will be teaching the In-Person and Fully Remote Courses. In fact, A student's In-Person and Remote teacher will be the same teacher for each of their courses. 
  • The full 9-period school day, takes place over a 3-day Block Schedule, minimizing exposure and maximizing safety for students who are attending In-Person.
    • Day A - Pds 1 2 3 
    • Day B - Pds 4 5 6
    • Day C - Pds 7 8 9
  • In-Person students will be attending for three-consecutive days, In-Person, and then Remotely for the next three-consecutive days.
  • In-Person and Remote Learners, both have exclusive schedules aligned during the day to ensure that we are able to focus our attention maximally for our distinct learning groups. 
Review the schedule below to get a sense of what the school day will look like. Then peruse the next section for a breakdown of Asynchronous and Synchronous instruction components in-action.
Please keep in mind that for In-Person Learners, the school day will begin between 8 am - 8:20 am, as there are variations in the schedule due to Science Labs.
NOTE: Due to the complex nature of programming this year, no program changes will be honored unless a student was mistakenly put in the wrong class.

Keeping in mind, that the Blended Learning School Day allows for Asynchronous and Synchronous learning to occur at key and critical points each day for our students, the following three pictures aim to illustrate a sample student schedule and the model described below:



Morning - Receiving Live Instruction In-Person

Afternoon - Engaging in Asynchronous Blended Learning Content (Independent Work)



Morning - Engaging in Asynchronous Blended Learning Content (Independent Work)

Afternoon - Receiving Live Remote Instruction (Via Video Conferencing)


*Remote-Learner = The Fully Remote student and the Blended students, who will be attending In-Person and Remotely.