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Staten Island Technical High School: Remote Learning Plan (PDF Hyperlinked Version):
Q: Were students supposed to receive any kind of code, or is it going to be posted on Google classroom daily? My child has not received a code yet.
A. A student only needs one code, and only needs to enter it once to register for a teacher's Google Classroom. Google Classroom Codes are being sent by 8 am Monday 
Q: If we have a double-period class will that class now be 150 minutes?
A: Google Classroom Learning Experience content is intended to engage students for approximately the amount of instructional time needed  in a traditional class, while also allowing time for exercises and activities to  be completed and submitted by students. Double-period classes would function similarly via Remote Learning and would provide students with the required amount of time to complete all assigned activities.  
Q: How will Physical Education (Weight Train) CAD, and Lab (Physics) be conducted.
A: The same and similar to other classes. Please wait to hear from your teachers via email, to get your Google Classroom code and any special instructions. 
Q: Will teachers still be giving HW alongside remote learning to be completed outside of the 75 minute sessions?
A: The amount of work assigned in a Learning Experience is intended to give students the flexibility of completing the work during and beyond the allotted time, as needed by the student. The schedule has been created to give students options and time as to when the work gets completed. The Learning Experience assignments are considered all inclusive work, not to be considered Classwork and Homework, separately, but more so, collective work. Please don't stress over this. Our goal is to re-engage and reconnect with all of you.  
Q: What types of assessments will we be receiving and will it be possible to raise our grade in a class even though we may not have as many graded assignments?
A. Stay tuned on Assessments and Grades. More info coming soon. Yes, these grades will influence your overall grade in your respective classes. We're confident you will have enough assessments to improve upon your grades and meet your own personal academic goals. 
Q. Do we have to use Zoom for all classes, including P.E., S.T.E.M., and Lab?
A.Teachers will be using Zoom as a supplement to the asynchronous learning experiences. Follow the guidance of your teachers to get the most out of the mandatory asynchronous and supplemental synchronous components of the remote learning structure. 
Q. When will students with varying double period classes meet during the new remote learning schedule? I take Physics C (3 double periods a week) and Calculus AB (2 double periods a week).
A. Your teacher in these respective courses will be reaching out to you. Please direct any questions you have to your teacher directly via email / Google Classroom's communication options.  
Friday, March 20, 2020


Dear SITHS Families,

As we are about to transition to Remote Learning, it is the hope of our faculty and staff that our SI Tech families are doing well during this difficult time. We remain unified as a school community, with the understanding that prioritizing health and safety above all is of the utmost importance and paramount during the roll-out of the Remote Learning model. No family should hesitate to ask questions and reach out for help and guidance as we venture together into 21st Century Learning, redefined. We’re in this together, and will make it a successful collaboration, based upon the individual needs of our school community.   

On Monday, March 23rd, we will be launching SITHS’s Remote Learning Plan with all students, parents and caregivers. We have put a lot of thought into this initiative taking into consideration the impact that COVID-19 has had on our families, faculty and staff, disrupting the daily routines and structures that were once in place. 

Starting Monday, every family’s home will now serve as a remote school. We realize that the range of complexity that remote learning may bring some families requires a carefully calculated and manageable workload for our students. In addition, we all can’t disregard the hour-to-hour impact of COVID-19, and how it is continually changing our lives. Taking these factors into consideration, we’re proud of the plan we are rolling out and designed it under a simple mantra, hinged upon our school philosophies around academic and social emotional wellness, as we all transition to Remote Learning.

Realistic  Expectations  Making  Opportunities  To  Engage   Learning

It is our greatest hope that the COVID-19 impact will level-off, and the entire Staten Island Technical High School community, as well as all of NYC schools, returns back to their regularly scheduled on-site classes, April 20th. In the meantime, the next remote school days, prior to Spring Break (April 9 - 17), represents an innovative and unprecedented moment in history for our school community. Our faculty and staff have been working very hard to make this possible in a very short turnaround time, and are so excited to reconnect with our students. We will be rolling out a modular remote learning experience, around a flexible schedule, allowing for maximum adaptability for the 1330 individual home-learning environments, which will launch on March 23rd.

Take some time to read through the Learning Experience schedule, calendar and student expectations. It is our hope and goal to deliver rich and engaging lessons that challenge students’ thinking, while virtually replicating the collegiate social interactions that students have nurtured with our faculty and staff. We will be providing remote Pupil Personnel and Special Education Services, as well as a clear communications chain, which will allow for phone-based and “Zoom” video conferencing discussions between students, parents, caregivers, faculty and administration.

Lastly, we will be conducting remote Parent-Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, March 31st, with more details on that coming soon. After reading through this document, please use this survey if you have any questions. We will be publishing an F.A.Q. page to support this transition. As updated information becomes available and as we refine the process of remote learning, communication will be delivered to you via email and the school website, via the SITHS School Updates Landing Page.

Thinking of you all,  


Mark Erlenwein